Following the General Assembly of Food Industry launched in 2017, Ferme France proposes to the actors of the Food Industry a collective and inclusive initiative that turn the societal performance about trackability, animal welfare, nutrition and human health, fare compensation and environment, into the lever of differenciation and development of  the French Farm in France and abroad.


Everyone can join Ferme France

  • Economic Actors
  • Members of the civil society
  • Techical institution
  • R&D centers
  • Professional association
  • NGOs
  • Professionals' Unions
  • Consumer's Unions


  • Because you will join a positive collective initiative : best practices sharing, collaboration between actors. 
  • Because you will take part to the creation and management of indicators and tools that will become standards for all societal performance issues. 
  • Because you will better the competitivity of actors of the alimentary or non-alimentary industry in order to set a healthier and more sustainable consumption.
  • Rebuild and strenghten the link with the consumer by helping him to choose and to become an actor of the evolution of his products.


Join us as a founder implies that :

  • You define what is Ferme France
  • You take part to our Gouvernance

The minimum cost of adhesion is 230k€ (Prixe Excluding Tax).

Those funds will be used to set up the first concret actions of the association.

They will be "refunded" to the founders in the coming years as tokens for new products, the value being equal to the funds. 



  • To relay the ambitions and actions of Ferme France to the consumers, to the influencers and to the civil society. 
  • To take port the the shining of our chains and to the French market and abroad. 
  • To work in favor of a healthier and more sustainable consumption.

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